Dating Sites I Bet You Didn’t Know Existed

Looking for love…or maybe just a spanking?

There really is something for everyone. Here is a quick roundup of some of the strangest or most unique specialized dating sites we could dig up:

trekkie – Dating & social networking for trekies, geeks and those that travel in similar circles. If you are looking to date a Klingon — this is the place for you.

Unfortunately, it seems they didn’t hire proper geeks to make a website layout that doesn’t break in Firefox. Pffft.

Ankis Photoshop art (anki.lofgren @
Also, from the name I was expecting to find some photo-shopped Kirk & Spock fan art. Damn it.

ashely – Enabling married folks to sleep around… I guess that’s cheaper than therapy or divorce.

According to their website: “Life is short. Have an affair.” For the record, I don’t agree — but maybe your spouse does.

sugar daddy Dating – Hey! Are you rich, and prefer to keep relationships superficial?

It’s like prostitution, but prettier (and more expensive).

alt – For kinky people, really kinky people, and some really f**ked up individuals.

If yer looking to get tied up, tie someone else up or would rather just date within the sexually liberal lifestyle this could be the site for you. Plus they have stuff for every kink imaginable.

More Unique Dating Sites:

So your not rich, a geek, cheater, or particularly kinky? There is still hope for you! For instance, ever consider dating an inmate? Who hasn’t?!

Does your head often bump into things? Maybe try personals for tall people at


Thanks for making through to the end of the post. Know of even stranger places to find a date? Feel free to post a comment below. Thanks.

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