Penis Size – The Dilly-o on the Willy-o

One of my first lovers was a 6’3 Chinese native who visiting the US looking for a graduate college. I remember how nervous he was before getting undressed in front of me the first time, and admitted his anxiety concerned his penis size.

measuring penises

He said that Asians were known to have smaller penises on average compared to the Caucasian and black cock I must have been accustomed to being an American. (this is mostly considered a myth, btw) Anyhow, after convincing my new friend to get naked he revealed an 8 inch wang (we measured it). I told him it was the biggest one I’d ever seen up close (which was true).

This guy had a grand specimen in both length and girth, but still thought he was smaller than average. It turns out average erect penis length (across numerous studies and ethnicities) is between 5 to 6 inches, and average flaccid penis length from 1 to 4 inches.

Penis Length & Girth Data:

A study by the LifeStyles Condom Co. shows that the average length of an erect penis is 5.877 inches with the average girth (circumference) being 4.972 inches. The study involved 300 college-age men vacationing in Mexico over spring break. (I hope they gave away free condoms)

The following graphs illustrate average penis length based on the LifeStyles Survey:

Penis Length Chart

Penis Length Percentile Chart

And the data for penis thickness (circumference) from the LifeStyles Survey — showing the average penis girth to be 4.972 inches:

Penis Width Chart

Penis Width Chart

I wonder now if he realizes he is actually in the 90th+ percentile…

How do you measure up? Base to tip, your taint doesn’t count.


my penis is 5.7 inches girth at the base and 6 inches in length! would like to know how this compares to other guys. And what women think about my size?

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